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Fashion/Beauty: Wai Kuen Eric Wong.

Wai Kuen Eric Wong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong based photographer Eric Wong Wai Kuen is the winner of the Fashion and Beauty Category of the Hasselblad Masters Awards - the second time in three years he’s achieved Masters status. Multi skilled, Eric has worked in creative roles as well as a commercial photographer. But in the end, it’s image creation that truly excites him.

“As an Executive Creative Director, my role was to create ideas while others expressed my thoughts,” he says. “As a photographer, however, I can share my inner self through my camera, which is a magnificent transition of my creative journey.”

A long time Hasselblad user, Eric used the V System for over twenty years and evolved to an H System three years ago. His camera of choice these days is an H3D 50, and he works with a selection of lenses including a 28mm, 35mm, 80mm, 120mm macro and a 50-110mm zoom.

 “I truly believe that all visuals/pictures tell a story,” Eric says. “I am delighted that the Masters judges around the world have seen things from the same perspective. Being involved in the ‘Evoke’ project is a key challenge for me: stay tuned to see what creative piece I can come up with!”


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