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Wedding/Social: Milosz Wozaczynski.

Milosz Wozaczynski, Poland

Polish photographer Milos Wozaczynski is the winner of the Wedding Category of the Hasselblad Masters Awards, and it represents an important step forward for a photographer who was a semi-finalist in 2008.

“After a friend showed me some really good wedding photography it sparked my interest,” he says, “and, following a few unconventional and creative sessions, I became one of the most recognised wedding photographers in Poland, while I’ve also gained a high reputation for my portraits and artistic work.” 

True to form, Milosz is determined that his images for the ‘Evoke’ project won’t be typical wedding portraits. “I’ve got a few ideas in mind,” he says, “and now I have to find the right place and models. I love vintage style, so all my photos will be set in that mood.”

 Milosz will be working with the H4D, and he’s impressed by the wide dynamic range it delivers. “I love the detail in the shadows this camera produces,” he says, “ while the Hasselblad lenses are really top quality. I’ll probably go for something wide angle for this project, so the 28mm will be perfect. For portraits my choice will be one of the best medium format portrait lenses ever: the 110mm f/2.2.” 


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