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Hasselblad releases FlexColor 4.8.1 Mac+Win

We are pleased to announce that FlexColor 4.8.1 is now available for download from our homepage.

The modifications on the body firmware which we informed about last Friday have been tested thoroughly, and we are pleased to announce that FlexColor 4.8.1 Mac+Win is available for download from our homepage.

FlexColor 4.8.1 fully supports the performance and features of the new H3DII.

Features include:
Direct ISO/White Balance control from the new ISO/WB button (previous DRIVE button).

New thumbwheel control of the complete digital menu system. Activated by a double half-press on the release button. (this is available for all H3D products after upgrade to 4.8.1).

Enhanced noise reduction algorithm.
The preservation of details in shadow areas is improved significantly with this software release. On low exposure images noise is much less apparent and you can select your choice of noise removal without sacrificing details. The appearance of the noise reduction tool has not changed.

Fully synchronized exposure window.
The exposure window is now fully synchronized with camera settings for exposure time, aperture and ISO. This gives you full control of these camera features from the software when shooting tethered.

New Custom Options.
This new menu allow for custom settings of:
• Backup mode from CF card to ImageBank
• Folder creation mode when connecting to ImageBank
• Tilt sensor mode
• Menu control from thumbwheels (on/off)
• Display behaviour at trigger half press

You will find more info on features and improvements in the Read Me file.

To go directly to the SW-download page, click this link:

FlexColor download