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H4Ds Help Create 1300-MP Panoramic Photo at England Festival

08/11/2010 Hasselblad helped to set a rather unusual world record at the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, UK, this past June: “Most people tagged in an online photo.” The massive high-res photograph, which was taken to celebrate the festival's 40th anniversary, was captured at the Pyramid Stage during half time in the England vs. Slovenia World Cup match on the first day of the event.

Photographers used two Hasselblad H4Ds to capture some 70,000 festive attendees in 36 ultra-high-resolution photos. The cameras were mounted on top of each other and rotated at 10-degree increments to take in the entire crowd, going back 350 meters (approximately 383 yards).

After capture, the images were stitched together into one 1,300-megapixel remarkably high-resolution photo. The resulting image was tagged via Facebook by almost 8,000 people, establishing the new world record.

Glastonbury 2010

According to the Daily Mail’s online recap of the record-setting event, “Users were able to zoom in, out and around the image with a full 180-degree view. People in the back of the field were visible up to 300m (300 yards) away.

After the festival, they were then able to zoom into the picture, tag themselves, find friends and reconnect with people they met during the match.”

Says Andrew Pearcey, Head of Brand Partnerships at Orange, "We are delighted that together with the festival goers, we've been able to set a new world record. Glastonbury’s 40th anniversary combined with England’s World Cup match was clearly going to be a landmark moment, which we wanted to celebrate and capture for people to look upon and say ‘we were there’. Looking at the sheer numbers who have tagged themselves in the photo and knowing it is both a unique and shared experience is truly fantastic.”

The photo was also recognized by Guinness World Record for most people tagged in a photo: 7000.

If you were at the festival that day and have yet to tag yourself, the picture can be found by clicking here.

For more on the record-setting photo event, click here.

Caption: Over 70,000 festival goers were photographed by two H4D-50s at the Glastonbury Festival this past June. The 36 high-resolution photos of the crowd were stitched together into a 1,300-megapixel super high-resolution image. To date, over 8000 revelers have tagged themselves on Facebook, setting the new world record for the Most People Tagged in an Online Photo.

Text by Alice B. Miller