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HOC Winner Featured in June Victor Online Magazine

15/06/2010 Nikola Borissov is the fashion, advertising, and fine art photographer whose image was selected by Hasselblad Owners Club members as April’s Photograph of the Month. Featured in this month’s issue of Victor online magazine, Borissov, 30, was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and moved to Milan, Italy, in 1999. He explains why he favors fashion photography above all other photo specialties.

"I love fashion photography and the ability to be completely detached from reality, to create beauty instead of just recording from my surroundings," says Borissov. He captured the retro black-and-white image during a cinema-inspired shoot where he was doing a fashion series for the Bulgarian magazine Jenata Dnes. Based on the 1978 film That Obscure Object of Desire, by Luis Bunuel, the image Borissov captured is one of several inspired by the cinema. He is often moved to create by experiencing films by prominent international filmmakers, including Wong Kar Wai, Tarsem Singh, Giuseppe Tornatore, Federico Fellini and Wim Wenders.

Nikola Borissov HOC winner May
© Nikola Borissov

Using his H3DII-39 and 35mm lens, Borissov cast his close friend Victoria as the femme fatale during a nighttime shoot in Sofia. Since then, he has purchased an H4D-40.  "The H4D and the HCD 35-90 lens are exactly what I want and need for my style of work," he says. "I plan to take them on trips next year to Cape Town, Barcelona, and Jakarta, to add a touch of glamour to my portfolio, before settling down as a photographer in Paris."

Also heavily influenced by literature and philosophy, Borissov approaches photography as a visual language. "It's an attempt to reconcile fashion photography with story telling and an exploration of the imaginary. But the key is always merging the immense beauty of the world and everything that surrounds us,” he says.

He lives in both Milan and Sofia and collaborates on a regular basis with some of the leading fashion brands and magazines. In his personal work, Borissov continues to pursue his initial passion for reportage and street photography.

Watch for a news story on the June winner, Claudio Napolitano, in July.

Text by Alice B. Miller