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Isn’t it time your work was seen on TV?

29/05/2012 Lights. Camera. Action. Hasselblad tv is where it’s all happening. Since the launch of the company’s multi-language online video platform a few months ago photographers across the globe have been tuning in, catching up with the latest product information, browsing the art and technique of their peers and uploading their own special work on video to share with the world. Hasselblad tv provides a unique forum for both rising photo-stars and those who have already risen.

Go there now to watch short ‘behind the scenes’ film of the iconic Michael Grecco using his ‘beloved’ Hasselblad to capture American entrepreneur and former supermodel Kathy Ireland in a shoot for the front page of Forbes Magazine. Says Michael: “Kathy is 48 now so I was constantly working on the best way to light her face to make sure she looked stunning.

“I used my H4D-50 and worked with two assistants and some production help. We lit a grey backdrop and a blue backdrop and we completed the shoot itself in about two hours. Soon afterwards I uploaded a video short from it to Hasselblad tv.”

Don’t miss Tim Flach’s mesmeric forty seven seconds up close and very personal, ‘eye of the tiger’ clip and the work of various Hasselblad Masters like Joao Carlos, Claudio Napolitano, Dirk  Rees and ‘Upcoming’ Masters winner Lyle Owerko. (The Hasselblad Masters’ videos cover a range of photo-genres including architectural, editorial, fashion/beauty; fine art, landscape/nature; portrait/social and wildlife.)

And the enlightening ‘backstage’ snapshot video by top photographer Matteo Mescalchin (http://htv.hasselblad.com/video/sonus-faber-shoot?current-channel=all-channels) which gives exclusive insight into how he used an abandoned building for a creative promotional shoot for  his client, Sonus Faber loudspeaker systems.


Sonus Faber Shoot by top photographer Matteo Mescalchin

HTV provides its viewers with a range of channel options, including education and training videos, product information, global news and VICTOR Magazine/Bulletin.

And it is easy to use.

Chris Russell-Fish, Hasselblad’s Global Sales and Marketing Director tells Hasselblad News:

“This TV station is about all things Hasselblad. Primarily it is an education and research tool. We hope that when people take a look at the site they will be inspired by what they see and then upload and share their own videos. We want everyone, from students to leading professionals - from those who rent Hasselblad cameras and those who own them - to submit their work.”


One of the latest educational videos (Phocus 2.0 Training: http://htv.hasselblad.com/video/phocus-mobile-2-0-new-features?current-channel=all-channels) outlines the features  and benefits of the new Phocus Mobile 2.0 app, which significantly improves options for photographers to show and share their work during a shoot and also includes a 100% zoom function of images in the file browser; new GPS tagging; folder access control and a Demo Mode functionality.

Hasselblad TV is a place where Hasselblad enthusiasts can access fundamental training on Hasselblad camera systems, including tips and tricks on software techniques.

So if you have an interesting shoot, story or event to share with the world just go to our website right now (www.hasselblad.com), click on the Hasselblad tv button and start uploading.

Hasselblad tv is accessible by PC or Mac computers, Smartphone and tablets.

Note:  In order for your video to be viewed on Hasselblad tv it must pass our verification process and you must agree our terms and conditions.