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March Issue of VICTOR Online - Rich in Images and Information

07/03/2011 The March issue of VICTOR Online is now available for your review. Highlights include:


—In January, Hasselblad was an official supplier at the Bocuse d'Or 2011, an international cooking competition for young talents. All of the cooking marathon's official portraits, as well as the dishes prepared by the 24 young chefs, were captured with Hasselblad cameras. The competition was staged in Lyon, home to Paul Bocuse, the 85-year-old culinary master who launched the competition bearing his name in 1987.

—In association with authorized dealerships, Hasselblad USA has launched a new online web store, www.hasselbladusastore.com, which brings together the best dealers, services and support to US-based photographers. By setting up a store account, photographers may now obtain an authorized Hasselblad dealer as their local support resource. This arrangement is especially valuable for photographers in those parts of the U.S. without local resources. Through the web store, they now can have access to the best service and assistance for their Hasselblad equipment.

Joachim Schmeisser
The Nairobi National Park in Kenya is home to the largest orphaned animal shelter in all of Africa. This profile of German wildlife and documentary photographer Joachim Schmeisser offers a close-up view of his exquisite black & white photographs of orphaned elephants, including little Kibo, featured on the cover of this issue of VICTOR. Using his H3D-31, Schmeisser was able to document even the slightest detail, the smallest wrinkle, as well as the animals' sensitivity and playful nature. The article includes several portraits of these gentle animals. Limited-edition large-format prints of his black & white images are being sold in support of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust—a beautiful example of photography's role in supporting worthwhile causes.

Alexander Martirosov
Members of the Hasselblad Owners' Club (HOC) chose an image by Russian portrait photographer Alexander Martirosov as their Photo of the Month. Driven by the motto, "Attention to detail creates perfection," Alexander produced the winning HOC photo with his H4D-40 for a spring-summer campaign for Mania Grandiosa shoe stores. He is currently working on a personal project, "Search for Truth," which he discusses in the article. Feature showcases several of his images.

Mark Holthusen
With a style recalling the opulence and lighting of the Old Masters, Mark Holthusen uses actors in his images, which generally revolve around a spectacle of some sort. Using an H4D-50, he has produced extraordinary campy Western and Sci-Fi images. The feature focuses on a current project: a 90-minute live show that tells the story behind the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner." Combining still photography, stop-frame animation and live action filming, the project is based on an album by the British band Tiger Lilies. The show is scheduled to debut in March 2012.

Among the photographers to be featured in the upcoming issue of VICTOR is Hasselblad Master Dirk Rees, whose experience in the production industry spans film, advertising and documentary projects. The article will explore his expressive and dramatically staged fashion shots, which have a distinctive experimental flair and cinematic aesthetic.

To read the complete March issue, click here.

Text by Alice B. Miller