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New Phocus software and camera system firmware available!

26/02/2009 Extend the functionality of your camera system with new software and firmware versions ready to download.

Highlights Include:

  • Boosting the ISO
  • Full digital APO correction for the HTS1.5
  • New firmware available
  • Language support in Phocus for Windows
  • New features in Phocus


Phocus shown in Chinese

Phocus version 1.1.3 Mac & 1.0.2 Windows with several new features
With the upcoming launch of Phocus 1.1.3 for Mac & 1.0.2 for Windows, Hasselblad now offers full digital APO Correction for the HTS1.5, which raises the integration of the world’s most powerful image processing software Phocus and the world’s most advanced digital camera, the H3DII, to new heights!
Supporting this integration further, the Capture Info tool in Phocus has been extended with fields for HTS parameters, extension rings and converters.

Phocus 1.1.3 for Mac
To support special user requests,a new Reproduction tool that allows the use of local input profiling and working with a linear response curve has been added in Phocus. In addition, there are extra choices for color read-outs in RGB, LAB, or CMYK. Both these functions have been asked for by several museums working with our products for high-end reproduction. All these customers have chosen to work with the Hasselblad’s multi-shot products, because of their unique capabilities for reproduction of color and detail. Our references include the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Trinity College in Dublin, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, The Vatican in Rome and the National Gallery of Oslo.

For customers working with high volume production or via a network, a simple hot folder concept has been added. Any active folder becomes “hot” using the “Export New Images Automatically”, available through the File menu. This means that any file placed in this folder is processed automatically, using the current Export settings. Tethered shooting into this “hot folder” by use of a predefined setup, makes this new feature a very powerful tool!

Phocus 1.0.2 for Windows
The Windows platform of Phocus now offers language support in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, or Chinese languages. As well as the Mac version, Phocus for Windows now also offers users updating of the camera system firmware.

Now available via Phocus - add new functionality to your camera system by updating your firmware!
Always stay sharp with the latest added features and fixes online at the Hasselblad website.

By offering firmware available online, we at Hasselblad aim at minimizing the distance between factory and end-users thereby saving valuable time lost at a Service Center.

Highlights Include:

  • Support for ISO 800 on H3DII-39 & ISO1600 on H3DII-31
  • Add full integration with your H-series camera and the HTS1.5 by updating your firmware.

To download Phocus click here

Download RAW picture samples here

To download camera body firmware for the H-series, click here

To download capture unit firmware for the H3Dx, H2D, CFx, 503CWDx series, click here