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NY Shooter Brings Her Love of Hasselblad 120 Macro Lens to Vimeo.com

22/11/2010 Jodi Jones is a runway, fashion and commercial photographer and creative director living in a loft in Brooklyn, near the waterfront overlooking Manhattan. On a recent post-shoot video vlog posted to Vimeo.com, Jodi gushes over a sampling of images she shot recently with her Hasselblad H4D and the 120mm macro lens.

During the 3-minute-20-second video she posted October 10, Jodi welcomes us into her studio to see what her 120 macro shots look like on her 24" iMac.

© Jodi Jones - Rose

© Jodi Jones - Feather and leaf

"I am so excited about these macro shots. I really love the 120 macro," she tells viewers. Among her favorite macro shots is a rose petal. Gazing at the petal image on her screen while holding the original—she says, "This rose petal on my screen is the petal in my hand. How is that even possible? I had no idea a rose petal had so much detail. That is bad ass! That is really cool. I can blow this up, make a beautiful wall picture from this petal. I'm very excited about it."

Then Jodi shows us a leaf she photographed with the same 120 macro. "This is pretty much right out of the camera," she explains. "I did a few level adjustments, made the image black-and-white, and got rid of some of the dust. That's all I had to do." Standing back and observing the leaf, she says, "Looks like a map of the world. Awesome."

Moving on to a feather earring captured with the macro, she observes, "It looks so big, but it's actually so small. Beautiful detail. I shot this one really shallow. You can see how blown out it gets. I could print these feather images giant poster size. Very exciting."

Wrapping up her demo on her favorite 120mm images, Jodi tells the viewer,  "You gotta try the 120 macro from Hasselblad. It will blow your mind."

To see more of Jodi's work, visit jodijonesstudio.com.

To watch Jodi's Hasselblad demos on Vimeo, visit http://vimeo.com/15710611.

Visit hassyusa.com to get even more info.

For more on the Hasselblad H4D click here and for more info about the 120mm macro lens click here.

Text by Alice B. Miller