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Secrets of shooting nudes unveiled

18/07/2011 Hasselblad Studio, London and renowned photographer and lighting expert Christian Hough joined forces last week for an exclusive sell-out H4D Studio Day seminar session on how to create truly stunning fine art nude photography.

© Christian Hough

Two beautiful nude models, twelve professional and semi-professional photographer delegates and renowned capture and lighting expert Christian Hough got together at the Hasselblad Studio, Hoxton last week for a special workshop on how to shoot fine art nudes using latest H4D cameras and broncolor lighting.

The event was a ‘first of its kind’ with Hough at the helm at the popular central London studio location – and was so successful Hasselblad is now planning a follow-up series.
Said Christian Hough: “There are some serious misconceptions out there in the marketplace. Some photographers think it’s hard to use a Hasselblad. It isn’t. The Hasselblad H4D system is easy to use and delivers truly outstanding results. With this system every single lens and camera body can all be used in the same way – unlike other systems that can have their own little quirks and challenges.”

Added Hough - who was last month’s Hasselblad Owners’ Club (HOC) photographer of the month: “The idea was simple. Photographers could come for a day and get their hands on a Hasselblad camera system, but they could also pick up some great lighting techniques that they can employ in future shoots.  Many of the delegates were owners of 35mm cameras who wanted to come and get a better idea of just how the Hasselblad system works.  Our shoot sessions were specifically designed to deliver a unique feel of how the resolution works and also the dynamic range of the cameras – so delegates could clearly see how the day’s events could be used to benefit their own studio sessions.”


Hough, who himself was using a special, one-off, ‘not for sale’ white Hasselblad H4D-40,  set up four different shoot sessions with two models. He said: “We started with three lights only and then progressed to using seven heads. Each delegate had a go at changing the lighting set-up themselves, so they could see just how each head was affecting the image.
The truth is that many photographers shoot for years without really understanding how to set up lights in terms of embracing portraiture with broad and short lighting techniques. People need to know how to use light to shape a person. That is really what light is all about – but often it just gets forgotten about.”

Mark Witney, Hasselblad marketing coordinator in the UK said: “This Studio Day event was a huge success and sold out very quickly at just £160 plus VAT per head. The aim was to help photographers learn more about the compelling Hasselblad medium format capture system and at the same time learn the magic of great lighting technique from a master. We are now looking at running more events like this at Hoxton with Christian.”

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