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A Summer Fashion Dream, Made in Italy

19/09/2013 Italian fashion photographer Francesco Chiappetta chose the new Hasselblad H5D to shoot the Spring-Summer 2014 Collection of leading Italian beachwear and lingerie brand, Parah, in Liguria, Italy.


ImpronteParah, the brand’s cornerstone fashion line, describes itself as a symbol of elegance and simplicity that caters to the “modern, energetic, sophisticated, extremely feminine woman who is conscious of her charm.” Through Chiappetta’s technical and aesthetic choices, as well as his knowledge of the company and its products, ImpronteParah’s kudos were brilliantly shown through the images from this shoot.  

Based in London, Chiappetta has been collaborating with Parah since 2000 initially as art director, then as a photographer for its international campaigns.

“We chose all the details of the images to inspire an idea of security, elegance and harmony. The lines, the colours, the make up, the furnitures are the ideal mix for an emotional result of modernity and freshness. For this reason, the cleanliness of the images was the first thing we were looking for. We wanted to benefit from all that the location offered in terms of space and light. We have used for the entire period the natural light with a very little help of small flashes in order to get the right complexion of Ivana Mrazova, our beautiful model, that has been chosen as symbol of elegance,” says Chiappetta.

For this shoot, Chiappetta used his new H5D, that he favours a lot due to its shutter speed, outstanding colour results, highly ergonomic grip and compact design, which he claims to have allowed him to work easily, comfortably and with more confidence. “I have always been a Hasselblad user,” he says. “Thanks to the new possibilities offered by the H5D the level of photographic quality has been raised even further.”

To discover more of Parah’s Spring Summer 2014 Collection shoot, do not miss the November issue of the Hasselblad Bulletin.