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Come and Take a Look Around!

03/12/2012 Norwegian-based aerial photographer Arild Solberg has been doing some extraordinary things with a rig he made up himself, which he fitted to the outside of a helicopter and used to accommodate up to eight of his Hasselblad H3D-50 cameras.


Being able to fire all his cameras simultaneously gives Arild the data required to create interactive panoramas, where the viewer can click on and physically look around in 360 degrees.

It’s a fascinating story, and if you head over to http://www.hasselbladaerial.com/aerial-references/arild-solberg-showcase.aspx you can not only find out more about Arild’s career and further details of how he produces his amazing work, but there’s also an example here of a stunning Norwegian landscape seen from the air.

Click on and you’ll experience for yourself the amazing 360-degree technology that Arild specialises in.

Arild was given advice in his groundbreaking work by Hasselblad’s Special Applications Department, which was set up in 2011 to assist those who might be looking to take Hasselblad cameras into new and challenging environments.

Benny Buchtrup, who is based in Denmark, is Hasselblad’s Global Special Applications Manager, and his role sees him travelling the world, meeting innovators and attending conferences and offering his expertise whenever someone needs guidance on how to adapt their technology to suit the Hasselblad system.

“I meet some fascinating people,” says Benny. “There are others who are also shooting aerial pictures, such as a team which has undertaken a low altitude shoot over Paris for Google, and I’ve recently provided 3D-CAD drawings to a team which is looking to build a bespoke underwater housing for their Hasselblad".

"My job is to provide information for those looking to do some unusual things – and sometimes I’m dealing with organisations I can’t even talk about! – and it’s an initiative by Hasselblad to spread the understanding of what the equipment is actually capable of and to help people adapt hardware or software to suit their requirements.

It’s certainly a fascinating role and even I find myself amazed by some of the uses that Hasselblad cameras can be put to!"