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Driven by Tradition

21/11/2013 When Porsche wanted to mark the launch of its new Panamera model and to celebrate the tradition behind the brand there was no other camera out there that could do the job of recording the occasion better than a Hasselblad.

Tradition is something that is only acquired over time and through long-term excellence, and there are just a handful of manufacturers who can justifiably claim to be worldwide icons in their particular field. However, there’s no doubting that this is the position that Hasselblad and Porsche are in, and this shared dedication to quality and service helped to ensure a collaboration when Porsche were preparing to unveil their new Panamera to the world earlier this year.


Photo @ Igor Panitz for Porsche AG

This was a beautifully crafted new car, steeped in the tradition and history of the company, and to mark its arrival a photo shoot to provide pictures for an exclusive web special and a celebratory book was set up alongside the vintage Porsche 550 RS Spyder that had helped to inspire its name. In 1954 this was the car that had won best in its class at the Carrera Panamericana race, held to mark the opening of the Mexican section of the celebrated system of highways that cross the American continent from north to south. Now this beautiful veteran was being brought along to meet its successor.

Aware of the significance of this occasion, Porsche made the decision that the message they wanted to deliver about the connections between history and the future would be ideally served by using a camera with equally long tradition. “They wanted a Hasselblad to be used for their shoot,” says Uwe Moebus, Managing Director Hasselblad Germany and France, “since they believed that, like its own brand, this is a name that stands for high quality, precision, professionalism and style.”

The shoot took place at the studio of celebrated automotive photographer Igor Panitz, a long-term Hasselblad user, who, in keeping with the spirit of the occasion, opted to work with a V Series model as well as the very latest H5D. It was a delicious mirroring of the Porsche concept: the history sitting comfortably alongside the ultimate in cutting edge design, the cameras from different eras perfectly complementing the two cars in front of them.

Igor worked as he so often does, bringing his V System Hasselblad up to date by partnering it with a CFV digital back. “What I’ve always appreciated about this camera is that there are no automatic functions, no electronics, and everything is purely mechanical,” he says. “The camera never stands between me and my picture, but with the digital back it’s possible for me to evaluate the image straightaway. The image uploads to the PC and can be processed without delay, with all the appreciated Hasselblad quality.”


Photo @ Igor Panitz for Porsche AG

The perfect blend of the modern and the classic in other words, and a beautiful set of pictures in the finest traditions of both these distinguished companies.


Porsche Web Special (Keeping Tradition Alive)