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CF39 and CF39-MS

CF39 and CF39-MS

The Hasselblad CF digital backs offers a 39 megapixel digital capture with the Hasselblad i-adapter open camera interface, and the ability to add true-color, multi-shot capture. The CF digital backs bring a new level of flexibility to the professional digital photographer.

Photo: Joachim Baldauf


Large format 48x36mm digital capture

Today’s digital photography demands higher resolution, less noise, and improved compositional choice, all of which the CF backs provide. The sensors are more than twice the physical size of today’s 35mm sensors, which means more and larger pixels. This ensures the highest possible image quality and moiré free color rendering without gradation break-ups - in even the most subtly lit surfaces.

Extra resolution for still-life: the 4*Res upgrade option

In a still-life studio environment you can increase the color resolution of your captures by means of a unique multiple-exposure technique controlled by the optional 4*Res module (patent pending). The result is maximum resolution and absolutely moiré free images. The CF can be upgraded to a CF-MS with the 4*Res module at any time. The CF-MS comes with the 4*Res module already built in.


Working with multiple cameras

The CF is easily attached to most professional medium-format SLR cameras and view cameras on the market. This simple compatibility allows you to bring optimal digital capture to your existing cameras and lenses with the convenience of using only one digital back.


Unique Hasselblad Natural Color Solution

In the past, color management solutions have imposed limitations on professional digital photographers. A specific color profile had to be selected to capture normally troublesome subjects such as various skin tones, metals, fabrics, flowers, etc. A single new, powerful color profile – the Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS) – now works invisibly in the background in conjunction with the FlexColor imaging software to solve this issue. It produces outstanding and reliable out-of-the-box results, reproducing difficult colors easily and effectively.

A custom Hasselblad raw file format - 3F RAW (3FR) – supports HNCS and ensures that images captured on Hasselblad digital products are quickly, effectively and safely stored on the chosen media. This file format includes lossless image compression, which reduces the required storage space by 33%.


DNG workflow

In FlexColor, 3FR files can be converted into Adobe’s raw image format DNG (‘Digital NeGative’). The DNG file format then enables raw, compressed image files to be opened directly in Adobe Photoshop. Hasselblad image files carry a full set of metadata, including capture conditions, keywords and copyright, facilitating workflow with image asset management solutions.


IAA – helping you classify and select images

Instant Approval Architecture (IAA), is an enhanced set of feedback tools, designed to liberate the photographer from the selection process and to concentrate on the shoot.

Audible and visible signals as well as recorded information in the file and in the file name all promote a quick and easy classification in the field or in the lab. Sorting becomes automatic, accessible and very fast, facilitating reviewing the best images for immediate client presentation.


FlexColor workflow for the specialist commercial photographer

FlexColor enables you to create an image processing workflow that gives you the highest degree of control for your studio photography. In tethered operation, tools such as overlay masking help bring productivity to advanced set composition. The latest version of the FlexColor software enables you to manipulate color temperature and compare image details across multiple images for precise image selection. FlexColor uses the 3FR files and runs on both Macintosh and Windows computers. The software is licensed to allow you to provide free copies for all your co-workers and production partners.



16 bit color

ISO 50 - 400

Longest shutter speed: 32 seconds

Image storage: CF card type II (write speed >20 MB/sec), new Image Bank FireWire drive or tethered to Mac or PC

Storage capacity:
4 GB CF card capable of holding 80 images (on average)
100 GB Imagebank: 2000 images

Battery type: Sony™ InfoLithiumL NP-F series

Capture rate: 1.5 sec

OLED 2.2” color display, 24 bit color

Histogram feedback


IAA Instant Approval Architecture with acoustic feedback, and manual classification

File format: 3FR lossless compressed

Software: Hasselblad Phocus

Machintosh: OSX

Windows: XP, Vista & Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)

Host connection type: Firewire 800 (IEEE1394b)

Operating temperature: 0 - 45 °C / 32 - 113 °F

Camera support via I-adapters: Hasselblad H system and V system, Rollei 600X and AF, Contax 645AF, Mamiya 645 Pro, 645 AFD, RB and RZ67, Fuji GX680I/II/III. All view cameras via Hasselblad adapter. Horseman DigiFlex II and PrecisionWide 35 via Hasselblad adapter

Dimensions: CF: 81x 81x 53 mm (WxHxD)
CF MS: 81x81x68 mm (WxHxD)

Weight: CF: 450 g (excluding battery and I-adapter)
CF MS: 600 g (excluding battery and I-adapter


Hasselblad CF-39

Sensor size: 39 Mpixels (5412 x 7212 pixels)

Sensor dimensions: 36.7 x 49.0 mm

CF-39: Single

CF-39-MS: Single & Multishot

Image size 1-shot: Raw 3FR compressed: 50 MB average, TIFF 8bit: 117 MB

Image size 4-shot: Raw 3FR compressed: 200 MB average, TIFF 8bit: 117 MB