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The Hasselblad CFV II digital back provides seamless integration between your existing Hasselblad V camera and the digital domain, maintaining both form and function along the way.

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Digital Workhorse

The Hasselblad CFV II is custom designed to match the appearance and functionality of the Hasselblad V System cameras. Using a 16 megapixel sensor that is 50% larger than full frame 35mm DSLRs, the CFV II provides the ultimate in digital integration for the classic Hasselblad V System camera and lenses and turns your existing camera into a modern digital workhorse.


Advanced Digital Solutions

Inside the Hasselblad CFV II, lies some of the most cutting edge digital technology on the market, such as tools for powerful digital workflow control using Hasselblad’s Instant Approval Architecture (IAA) and direct conversion to Adobe’s DNG format. Other advanced features include Hasselblad’s Natural Color Solutions and 3F RAW file format, a choice of three separate storage modes with tethered or untethered shooting, as well as compatibility with other view cameras using an interface plate.

 The Hasselblad CFV II combines timeless design with modern technology, providing photographers with seamless integration and unmatched flexibility.


Sensor size: 16 Mpixels (4080 x 4080 pixels)

Sensor dimensions: 36.7 x 36.7 mm (Lens factor 1.5)

Single shot

16 bit colour

ISO 50, 100, 200 and 400

Longest shutter speed: 32 seconds

Image storage: CF card type II (write speed >20 MB/sec), New ImageBank II external hard drive or tethered to Mac or PC

Color management: Hasselblad RGB: full dynamics and reproduction dynamics

Storage capacity: On average 90 images on a 2GB CF card and over 4000 images on a 100 GB disk

Battery type: Sony™ InfoLithium L NP-F series

Capture rate: 35 captures per minute


Colour display: 2.5 inch TFT type, 24 bit colour

Histogram feedback

IR filter: Multi-coated. Mounted on CCD sensor

Feedback: IAA - Instant Approval Architecture: provides acoustic and visual feedback

File format: Lossless compressed Hasselblad 3F RAW

Software: FlexColor/Phocus (included)

Macintosh: OSX (Leopard). PC: NT, 2000, XP

Camera support: Hasselblad V System cameras manufactured since 1957. (Not recommended for critical work together with SWC models and ArcBody due to optical incompatibility. Some earlier SWC models need slight modification for battery mounting reasons). 2000 series cameras and 201F with C lenses only. 202FA / 203FE and 205FCC camera models need a minor camera modification to use F/FE lenses. All other cameras with Hasselblad V interface.


Host connection type: FireWire 800 (IEEE1394b)

Battery capacity: Sony™ InfoLithium L, up to 8 hours of shooting capacity

Operating temperature: 0 - 45 °C / 32 - 113 °F

Dimensions: 91 x 90 x 61 mm [W x H x D]

Weight: 510 g (Excluding battery and CF card)

Package contents: Protection cover CFV, FireWire cable, Flash input sync cable, Flash output sync cable, 2GB CF Flash card, Grey card, E-wipes, Focusing screen 36 x 36, Exposure cable EL, Exposure cable 503, Adapter EL, Protective case.