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What you see is what you get. Or as close to it as humanly possible, at any rate. Hasselblad viewfinders, together with our extremely bright focusing screens, make precise focusing, depth-of-field accuracy, and composition easier than ever before.

The Hasselblad system includes a comprehensive range of viewfinders that match the wide variety of specific requirements, conditions, and applications. For general purpose photography, especially when working with the camera hand-held at eye-level, a meter prism viewfinder is the obvious choice for most photographers. The un-reversed viewfinder image and the exposure metering option facilitate fast action and in the studio, the magnifying hoods eliminate stray light and provide perfect control of the screen image.

Hasselblad viewfinders designed for the Hasselblad SLR cameras can also be used on the non-reflex camera models by simply attaching a focusing screen adapter to the magazine mount.