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CCD cleaning

The digital back is received in the workshop, were the filter is removed and the position of the CCD is measured and adjusted, if necessary.

The unit is then passed on for a focus calibration. After this the CCD is calibrated and cleaned using compressed air, cleaning fluid, and tissues.

The back is now mounted on a test stand were a test shot is made focusing on infinity trough a back lid opal white glass mounted in the filter thread of the lens. The unprocessed RAW-file is inspected on a monitor to ensure that that there are no remainders from grease, fluid or dust on the censor.

The gasket is mounted and another test shot is done and inspected. The filter is unwrapped, cleaned on both surfaces and mounted. The back is tested once more. If the back fails any of the inspections the action is repeated.

After passing all tests, the back is ready to leave the workshop again.